saRa♥ (lefthandedheart) wrote in fuck_me_drunk,

am i hot enough to fuck drunk?

+The Basics+

Location:San Antonio TX
Sexual Orientation:straight

+Do You Enjoy?+

alcohol(c'mon that's a gimme):duh
sex with alcohol:its on my to-do list
sex with drugs:yes
sex with drugs and alcohol:never tried it
Pussy Drinks??:last resort

+Your Favorite Kind Of+

Drink in General:X RATED with some pineapple juice, or Tuaca Lemondrops
Beer:Tecate,Dos Equis,Corona
Vodka:grey gooooooooose,skyy,absolut,polar
Pussy Drink??:margarita

+Mod Questions+

What do you think of the straight edge culture? some can hang,some can't, sometimes its good to have straight edge friends, that way they can hold your hair back when you're getting sick all over your bathroom

If the room is spinning, do you stop drinking?no, i pour another drink and start spinning in the opposite direction.

You Know you've had enough to drink when...:when you ruin your dad's wedding by accidentaly telling the whole family why she's forcing him to marry her. sorry dad.

What's your best drinking story?i was nominated to go get the beer salt,chips, and gas. the first time i went to the store i looked around the store about 4 times looking for the salt when it was at the front, then when i went outside to pump gas i was waiting for about 15 mins cause i thought he hadnt activated the gas yet but i didnt push the button to choose what kind of gas i wanted. when i got back home this car drove up and i thought it was my parents, so i had to take the 5 shots i got ready for my cousins. well it wasnt them, so to calm down my nerves i drank some more. a couple of hours later i went around telling my little brother and sister that they made the world go round and that leprachans told me to light things on fire. after that i passed out and got antiqued. haha

Have you ever done any sexual act while drunk that you would never do sober?oh yeah

Have you ever blacked out?yeah

Have you ever gotten drunk on Bourbon St.?yeah

What's the most amount of times you've vomited in one night?3

Promote us in at least 3 places and prove it:

+Judging Time+
Show us at least 3 pictures of you and 1 picture of your favorite drink:
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Image hosted by got those for my birthday :)
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