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yeah, fuck me.

+The Basics+

Name: Jade Autrand
Gender: Female
Age: 16, ooops
Location: SLO, California
Sexual Orientation: I'm the straightest person I know.
Status: Swinger! yeah...

+Do You Enjoy?+

alcohol(c'mon that's a gimme): yeeeyuh
sex with alcohol: 'salright, funny story. Last time I had sex when I was drunk I wet the bed... not sexy.
drugs: yeah, yeaaaah
sex with drugs: never tried... im not big on mdma or anything that would be fun to have sex whilst on.
sex with drugs and alcohol:i have no...idea.
Beer: I love beer because I'm a trailer trash cuntslut.
Gin: Not a huge fan.
Whiskey:Once again, not a huge fan.
Martinis: Only dirty martinis, those're yum.
Vodka: I live vodka.
Pussy Drinks??: Like cocktails? Love'em.

+Your Favorite Kind Of+

Drink in General: Ice Tea Lemonade, 'cause I'm a gangstah bitch.
Beer: Corona, classy.
Gin: Blue Sapphire
Whiskey: If any? Stick with Jim Beam.
Vodka: Stoli or Absolut.
Pussy Drink??: Mike's, yeah.

+Mod Questions+

What do you think of the straight edge culture? FUCK 'EM.

If the room is spinning, do you stop drinking? Hells nah, I just sip a beer until I'm back to baseline.

You Know you've had enough to drink when...: I hit the floor, you have no idea how true this is.

What's your best drinking story? I fell down a hill when I was at this campground [ lots of schnapps and goldshlager ] and some chick took advantage of me while I was caught in the underbrush. That story sucks.

Have you ever done any sexual act while drunk that you would never do sober? Couldn't say I have

Have you ever blacked out? Yeah, I've blacked out about 3 times, this was back when I could stomach eight ounces of brandy.

Have you ever gotten drunk on Bourbon St.? No, ah poooh.

What's the most amount of times you've vomited in one night? I think about four? It's hard to remember...

Promote us in at least 3 places and prove it:

+Judging Time+
Show us at least 3 pictures of you and 1 picture of your favorite drink:

fuzzy drunk
i was standing a second ago...
that's the side of my face, and sweet goldschlager
hope that satisfied you...
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