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am I hot enough to fuck drunk??

+The Basics+

Name: Melissa
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Location: Lehigh Acres, Fl
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Status: Single, but Talking to somebody

+Do You Enjoy?+

alcohol(c'mon that's a gimme): Hell yeah
sex with alcohol: It’s alright, but sometimes makes me a lil nauseous. But I like it, cuz you loose your inhibitions
drugs: I’ve done a few.
sex with drugs: It can be awesome. I like.
sex with drugs and alcohol: Sometimes drugs and alcohol isn’t the best mix, and then adding the sex doesn’t always make it better. Sometimes though, it’s great fun. It all depends on the drug and the alchohol.
Beer: Beer is good. I prefer hard liquor though.
Gin: I’ve really never had that much Gin, besides Tanqueray
Whiskey: Jack Daniels baby.. it’s alright, but not my favorite
Martinis: Yum. Love it
Vodka: Vodka is one of my favorites. Smirnoff Rasberry Twist to be exact
Pussy Drinks??: I’ll drink them if they’re whats available, but they aren’t my first choice

+Your Favorite Kind Of+

Drink in General: Pineapple Parrot Bay and Pineapple Orange juice. Yum. Or Alize
Beer: Bud Light or Corona
Gin: Tanqueray
Whiskey: Jack
Vodka: Smirnoff Rasberry Twist or Level
Pussy Drink??: Rasberry Twist Smirnoff

+Mod Questions+

What do you think of the straight edge culture? If that’s the decision people want to make, then good for them. One of my best friends is pretty strait edge, and I love him. I just prefer to have more intoxicated fun.

If the room is spinning, do you stop drinking? For a minute or two.

You Know you've had enough to drink when...: You say stupid things, or do stupid things that could hurt somebody else, or when you black out.

What's your best drinking story? I’ve had a lot of good times with drinking. Dancing on the bar at my apartment, getting in a fight with a guy twice my size and just repeating “you don’t fuckin know me”… taking a shower while the cops were raiding a party… good times good times..

Have you ever done any sexual act while drunk that you would never do sober? Yeah. Fo sho. Threesome

Have you ever blacked out? A couple times

Have you ever gotten drunk on Bourbon St.? Nope

What's the most amount of times you've vomited in one night? Once. I have only vomited from drinking once ever. I know how to hold my liquor

Promote us in at least 3 places and prove it:

+Judging Time+
Show us at least 3 pictures of you and 1 picture of your favorite drink:

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