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Am I hot enough to fuck drunk?

+The Basics+

Name: Eric
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Location: Massachusets
Sexual Orientation: Straight/leans
Status: Taken

+Do You Enjoy?+

alcohol(c'mon that's a gimme): Alcohol raped my mother and killed my grandparents......It's a terrible thing...I've come to dismantle this group from the inside out
sex with alcohol: I couldn't really feel anything.....I was not very satisfied
drugs: I'm hip to their groove
sex with drugs: A mind-blowingly good expirience
sex with drugs and alcohol: Plain mind-blowing and will most likely end up in vomit sexcapades
Beer: It's ok...I'm not a huge fan
Gin: With juice, it's a great thing
Whiskey: It's got to be Irish.....I don't like American whiskey
Martinis: Never had one....never cared enough to mix one
Vodka: I love Vodka.....I am a huge fan of it. Straight or flavored with it
Pussy Drinks??: um....they can be ok...but you can only have so many

+Your Favorite Kind Of+

Drink in General: Straight vodka, vodka and fresca, lemonade and vodka
Beer: Guinness
Gin: Tanqueray
Whiskey: Jameson's
Vodka: Schmirnoff, Absolut
Pussy Drink??: Smirnoff Ice Rasberry or twisted

+Mod Questions+

What do you think of the straight edge culture? I have a grudge against the culture because I have met way to many cowards that will get 5 of their friends to gang up and beat on one kid, who is perfectly sober, but having a beer. I try not to judge all of them with this stereotype but unfortunetly I have met too many assholes to be trusting of them at all. Cool, don't drink, don't do drugs.....But don't hurt other people that made their choice....This "movement" stands for nothing....

If the room is spinning, do you stop drinking? I'll lie down and continue drinking

You Know you've had enough to drink when...: I've woken up the next morning, naked, on the steps of the court house

What's your best drinking story? Last night. I was on the streets of Providence at my friends party. He lives on a street with all college kids so no one was bothered. But cops were doing routine drive-bys. So a cop pulls up to me...I'm holding a 1.75 liter bottle of vodka and a bottle of Bacardi Razz.....I blatantly hide both of them behind my back. Upon doing this, the cop busts out laughing, says, "take a drink for me...and have a good night.." and drives off.....

Have you ever done any sexual act while drunk that you would never do sober? No, because I do a lot of interesting things sober...

Have you ever blacked out? Nope

Have you ever gotten drunk on Bourbon St.? Why yes...yes I have...Bourbon St. is one of my favorite spots on Earth. The raw music pumping out every which way. The girls. The alcohol......
oh man....I want to go back

What's the most amount of times you've vomited in one night? I have only vomited once in my life because of drinking....and that was because I drank peppermint schnapps......which is the nastiest drink known to man
Promote us in at least 3 places and prove it:

+Judging Time+
Show us at least 3 pictures of you and 1 picture of your favorite drink:

I know that picture kind of sucks....but yeah

Oh...MSI concert....good times was a good time



P.S. Yes...I do wear that viking hat a lot
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